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Tirelessly perfecting the art of exceptional B2B email lead generation, our professionals work behind the scenes to make your business look great and have your prospects asking for more.

Our email lead generation and marketing service is cost-effective and proven; we have over 10 years experience in B2B lead generation and, with the advent of the internet, we have adapted to create an innovative outbound marketing approach that guarantees you receive more quality leads for less.

Delivering the highest quality

B2B email leads to your business

Relax whilst our email lead generation specialists engage you with the warmest prospects that are actively considering your products and services.

We have a full 360° approach to email lead generation; From identifying each client’s ideal client profile and their key buying triggers, we create their unique and validated lead generation database and deploy professionally crafted email messages for the most powerful way to present your message.

We help your business with better quality email leads, which means greater conversions and more money for you. Our advanced AI technologies and hyper-personalisation features also enable us to find out what makes a lead worthwhile for your business so that you can focus on the most lucrative leads and close deals faster.


Our email specialists can help you connect with thousands of your perfect prospects at speed and with efficiency.

We have over 220 million contacts in our email lists, refreshed and verified in real time through reliable sources.

And we can pursue multiple decision makers at once to generate leads for you. This means we can find more potential customers for your business and help you increase sales.


Email marketing is such a powerful lead generation technique, because it can be so highly targeted.

You can send emails to the precise profile of business decision makers you need. And our pin-point filters enable our email marketing specialists to approach only the prospects that meet your precise criteria.


Our specialists use AI technologies and hyper-personalisation to drive industry-leading results.

We can boost your sales by acquiring new, quality email leads through our B2B services. We create high-quality business opportunities for B2B companies via powerful email marketing campaigns.

We can provide you with fresh B2B email leads within 24 hours of your request. Our team of experienced email lead generation specialists will send your leads by email directly to your inbox.

Tune Your B2B Email Lead Generation

Campaigns For Accelerated Success

68% of businesses use some form of email lead generation. Through our years of experience in email lead generation, our specialists are able to deploy the world’s leading AI technologies to deliver industry-leading campaign performance. 

Email lead generation is an essential component to keep your prospects engaged when it comes to today’s most effective B2B lead generation campaigns. Properly scaling your organization’s email efforts while tailoring your marketing message for maximum performance can be cumbersome and even risky to your reputation if not done effectively. Regardless of whether you’re generating new prospects for cold email campaigns, or nurturing existing leads with email automation… each campaign should start with a strong understanding of your target audience, their goals, and professional challenges.

Hampshire Lead Generation is an email lead generation agency with over 10 years of experience in building comprehensive B2B lead generation campaigns.  We pride ourselves on delivering tailored B2B email marketing services, focused on pre-qualifying leads for your sales pipelines.

Whether you need a new lead generation email campaign or would like to move existing prospects further down your sales funnel, our team can help. Let’s chat.

Leverage Hyper-Personalisation

For Your B2B Email Lead Generation

Email lead generation is able to be more personalised than other form of marketing because of the information already held around contacts as well as the text and images capabilities that email offers. Our specialists are able to make every email, every image, every landing page and every retargeting ad unique to each individual prospect, making them feel special and impressed.

With our next-generation hyper-personalisation, every prospect will feel unique to you and attracted to your business. If you’re looking for a strong email lead generation strategy, backed by an agency with the experience to execute it, schedule a free marketing assessment with us today.

Outsourcing lead generation is 46% more efficient than trying to generate results in-house. 63% of marketers state that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge.

Our specialist Email Lead Generation Agency in Hampshire will begin to fill your pipeline within days.

Personalised Images

Catch the eye of every prospect with hyper-personalised images, unique to their business, embedded in your emails.

Our experts will execute a results-driven lead generation strategy that is tailored to your business. We have a track-record of boosting conversion rates and over-delivering for our clients.

Personalised Pages

Customise your landing pages and website content with personalised content for each visitor, for ultimate engagement and conversion success.

We love results! We’ll review the conversion results and make optimisations based on data to boost your return on investment.

Personalised Retargeting

Supercharge your engagement funnel with personalised retargeting ads customised to each unique visitor and customer.

We have some of the UK's best specialists who will apply their expertise and implement strategies and techniques that are proven to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is just some of the FAQs that may come up when customers are considering using a lead generation agency.

If you have other questions to ask, please get in touch and we'll be pleased to assist.

A lead is defined under our services as a person within a business who has expressed interest in your company’s products or services.  The person will meet your predetermined criteria of job title, seniority and location as well the company profile of business type, industry and company size. 

To meet the agreed qualification of a lead, the person must have asked to engage (phone or video call) within the next 30 days.

Lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting and converting prospects and customers that may be suitable and interested in a company’s products or services. 

To put it simply. It’s a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to becoming a paying customer.

Lead generation marketing is a catch-all term for the process of developing and nurturing viable leads for your business. A potential customer in your target audience who has expressed their interest in purchasing the product or service you offer is referred to as a “lead”. Lead generation marketing is the process of finding this lead, or helping them to find you, so you can take them through your sales cycle and convert them into a paying customer. To put it even more simply, leads are potential customers who are interested in your products and services.

To capture these leads, lead generation companies may leverage various marketing tactics. These can include email marketing using B2B contact data, social media or even PPC advertising.

Much like a physical funnel in real life, a lead generation funnel works by taking a number of potential prospects or customers and nurturing them through an ‘imaginary funnel’ into converted leads. Each step of the funnel is designed to increase the prospects awareness and desire for your products or services and move them towards becoming a paying customer.

What Our Customers Say

Our email lead generation agency is based in Hampshire, but we serve clients all over the world across many industries.

Chris Green
Chris Green@Skore
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Hampshire Lead Gen have helped us to develop our value proposition and penetrate our target markets effectively and efficiently. They have been patient, professional and delivered us the results we needed.
Nicky Milligan
Nicky Milligan@MCM_Creative
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We have already won and delivered significant revenues (20 fold above our investment) and have lots more proposals out awaiting feedback.
Lee West
Lee West@Mbrain
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Hampshire Lead Generation deliver us more than just outstanding lead generation results. They build strategies and processes that stand us apart and develop true value between us and our clients.

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